‘Lips, Twist, Insinuate it’

Hold his gaze, baby, make it artificially intelligent aside undeniably, resolutely, absafuckinglutely fabricated from this sweet sweet diction – lips, twist – insinuate it

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Under the tongue as supposed to thumb – left hand thumb too, rather
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‘Beckett Speaks’

‘Beckett blew minds when our minds blew near these twisted winds of yours, oh God… you absolute anomaly in speaking. We’ve been merely whistling… whispering within We’…

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.Substantially Speaking.

Deliriously interested – in the proverbially abnormal founding’s

To us the background is her artificially pontificated foreground

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‘Moab Is His Washpot’

He held this hand-led image of piercing adultery = she’s been mysteriously based upon placing herself in reality bites again

This hard-knocks overture of hers -…

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‘Schindler’s Kiss’

Christ!! This barbaric aside brutally in-congruent thing – if these people were BMW alloy wheels, well what would he do!? Watch them burn rubber minds til reaching…

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‘Mind That Math’

Matter of fact mathematical writing at its greatest turn n twist, dishevelled devil breath and she sees a…

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‘A Stroke of Genius’

That disaster’d back-catalogue – rejigging, -jogging his mind
A case of pure unadulterated pandemonium and here he sits a misshapenly angel with weapons for brain.


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‘The One-Eyed Lady’

Inked red ribbons

Catching claustrophobic tendencies and she’s been etching her olden-day sketching’s all over again

A pretty, pretty tuppence-d penny for your eagerly aware…

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‘Glistening Coffee Beans’

A vehicle, all of it, really. This instigated instance of … pure and utterly fabricated bliss – seems she’s been twisting her natural-born rhythm within


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