‘Dances With Bea’

The parched parlay
And he opens up these blind-guided, -guised eyes

A whiskey-ed glass fingered and dances til titular tantalised
Old-Fashioned-style enticed right by these kissable lips

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“Our Last Great Adventure Is Yours”

Is though,
Undeniably for it brings with it

Fierce aside fecksome creative endeavour contaged to treasure
Cocktail-shaker/bohemian-guised heartbreaker

And She stands remarkably disbanded, trumpet-handed about to give…

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Curtailed mammoth entities, fed via the ego of delirious dreams
Petite, eager, meagre little warlord wannabes
Attired to be Esquire’d
These manhandled magazines appear to mean photoshopped everything


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‘Invincible Except In Death’

A route to the truth – a recksome root to bleed right by these starry-eyes

Paraplegically paralysed to relay to parlay all
Of these demonically estranged instances…

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‘Brought Together By Polkadot Persuasion’

Been walking on mysterious waters with armbands rifled right by my kaleidoscopically estranged brain

Simply, upper-trust individuality
Supernatural wait and eagerly, altogether fair sizeably swim and see…

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‘Exit Signs In A Burning Building’

Most of us tend to take the sweetest of knowing time on earth
Settling ourselves softly down upon, to break borders by

A wheeled whispering-chair wherein, deadlocked…

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‘How to read a poem properly’

Reading poetry well is part attitude and part technique. Curiosity is a useful attitude, especially when it’s free of preconceived ideas about what poetry is or should be. Effective…

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‘To Pound The Grounds Of Yesteryear’

The sitting – sifting – fair silenced creative-writer
Excited by these excitable times
Knows no truer harrowing bounds – than to have and to conscientiously hold, to kneel endlessly,…

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“Top Dollar Despair, Baby”

Still with these kaleidoscopic tendencies still ringing, singing near
Your still stinging ear

Dripped to drop tantalised atop

In pearl diamanté disguise
I really do reckon to…

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‘The Realist Heart’

Parched, perched to give birth
To only ever our suitable selves, my dear

This coffee
Crap without tears sometimes – permit me

Seems we’ve been getting away…

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‘Silverhaven Escapism’

To endlessly escape and to breathe

These tremendously pressed – depressed – times

A parcel-wrapped instance will eventually submit itself to gladly permit all of…

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“Remember When, Way Back Then”

Recall It All

And remember when you leaned in and whispered sweet-nothings near

My still stinging, scintillated ear and cleared my childlike conscience


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‘Little Bird Belongs’

Secretive who swears, ashamedly within

Vicious self-arisen curtailment, she is cloaked ‘n’ dagger-swaggered
In each of them, all of us imprisoned

Her pen tells the typical…

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‘Break Free’

He holds her manicured hand and simply admits to it above all else: that he has been undeniably, blasphemously this seethingly, lividly breathing thing

That she…

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