‘Seventeen Seconds Of Solicited Bliss’

Shatter-crashed emotions, sleepin’ in the ocean. Of a faraway, lacklustre dream, which will steal a piece of her upside-down, universal tryst. Both wavelicious thirst – just. Must….

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“Captain Fantastic”

When all is said, these people cannot complain nor comply with anything so very much anymore. Their windows have been wiped 3rd-floor dysfunctional. Moments of…

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“See No Evil”

Subtle/suitable suggests. Something fair predatory- -is to ulteriorly suppose is to lower you poised, persnickety nose.. and to meanderingly write, as though these wandering words…

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‘Watch This Face’

Circumspect and circumstantial evidence shall portray her to be. -this human embodiment of filmic persuasion sent to mean Everything sentimental. which swims-at-sway within all of…

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“Our Sanguine Queen”

Comfortable can be conscientiously cutthroat. Just you wait- for fate to turn its fist and fetch the weight of a wonderfully upside wrong way down

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“otherworldly intelligence”

elementals will wreak unnatural havoc this time. better still. the depth of his particular deluge may well have flooded itself metaphysically insane. This instance -rain…

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‘Hmmm again’

My brother keeps asking me what it all means and I’m really starting to get why he always ends up asking me this. He’s a deep thinker;…

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‘Machinated Monsters’

The rest of it just stressed prep-work, indeed -wherein this boundless energy hellishly, both heavenly persists amidst delicate repeat… depleted people, and anxiously pressed ——————>>>>>>>…

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‘Cinematic Arches & Broken Explosions’

That strap-yourselves-in feeling of faraway bewilderment and undeniable excitation. Exaltation via these mesmerised, starry-eyed, pushed farthermost against the luminary skies people, sat bravely aside their…

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