‘Beautiful Blood’

A campfire, a crux, a godawful elemental rhapsody of overbearing both underwhelming agony, and he ceaselessly persists amid utter and comatose conscientiousness. This will take…

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“Perfectly Funking Precarious”

Exceptionally ambivalent apostrophes placed excitably aside.. preordained syllables, which appear to be simply delicious for its whole wide mind-bolstering both -altering worth (in the world)

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Sometimes the art I see on Instagram is so damn good that you just want to forget about everything else, the outside world and whatnot, and go…

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‘Sacrilege Red Devils’

What he did (do), to vehemently twist and turn to (valiantly) earn a most wayward appreciation this particularly painstaking time, ”PLEASE PEOPLE!” And a tactile,…

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‘Digitalised Desires’

A touch of truculent time and whereabout’d wherewithal, indeed -she breathes vicariously and via this extracurricular infatuation with these digitalised…

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‘Little Lambs’

1Warlords and weightless workhorses -these quantifiable and justifiably, eagerly prepared people: both resolute and recklessly ready, are they really, though!?2To pawn it all away: via the sacrificial…

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‘No Title Shall Suffice’

Take these rambling tongues and tie them to the surface of the sun, until the moon assumes an upstanding and able-faced positioning again (AND AGELESSLY EXPRESSES) SOMETHING…
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‘Golden Retrieve’

Pleasant planted steps that which will with each next prepped block of concrete dynamite.. might just manage to master the ferocity of its landlocked footfall…

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“Strangle That Microphone”

Eddie holds his hope for hostage, all awhile these instrumental people mirror themselves off of his
Favorite best facilitated bliss
This will absolutely mean magnificental War, only…

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‘Freshest Finish’

A swabbing of effervescent reality and an angular artist ably attempts to amend its own angst-arisen elements- with crux and forever purposefully initiated crushing of…

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“Borrowed Pen”

Soon as scattered umbrellas catch kite & conscientious people take themselves so very far as the nearest creative version of a thirsty person- that will…

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