‘Idle Hour’

They make a difference, simply, altogether expressively aside begotten from these fair jovial circumstantial situations – this has been head atop another loved-one’s settled shoulder rather beautifully…

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‘This Is The Rhythm’

And they place their trust in the gods, any such god above

Because this shall be … Simply exceptional, and people will watch and arch their…

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‘Bounce Back’

Her ability … Can’t you simply seize it and see

Has been all of it there and rather sizeably all along

She never meant to…

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‘This Has Already Happened’

Oh so goddamn… Intricate and aware to be

A behemoth swims rather suggestively within its very own community-driven people – tidy this town and drag it…

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‘Ballygoman Place’

His cigarette is perched upon a stinging finger, wherein all of his concentration shall lie, for a a mid-evening wintertime

The am. pierced his everything -…

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“Burn Baby, Burn”

They broke the mould and brought it back together … and there they simply sit, sumptuously settled and utterly ready to wage war upon these perilously pressed…

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‘Amber Sun’

Her natural curiosity killed ten million weather mangled cats til upped sophomore sticks

And she met her fine, fine and utilised self by the settled against…

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‘Something Special’

These precious people have been pushed to the point – anointed yet utterly unable

To search to find a way out from beneath alabastered feet, and…

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When it all aligns like dive right in tasteful crazy, the alarmingly boisterous beatbox quality, quick-smart imbedded, is simply second to none other

And he sees…

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Her aim to amount when the need to amount means simply everything – she took her time – sweet sweet little lady of mine with honest to…

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‘Guns ‘N’ Roses’

Carries with him a solid steel red rose, while her interior design is aligned by a softly spoken well-scented gun – smoking at the seams

Yes, the world…

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Do you know where these people come from, because we’ve been making paper airplanes whilst touching the sky high sky, and no one seems to know where…

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‘Set ‘Em All Alight Again’

The time is right by our whistle-stop procedure and we cannot but glue ourselves ridiculously by the Oktoberfloat spot

I dunno if they are willing and…

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“I Keep On Going To The River”

I never slipped – I simply took a two decade old breather and saw it all for its unbelievably angst-ridden worth

You will never, ever get to feel this unasked…

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“Make It Stretch”

How ever will we manage to make it all happen all over again…

Shock ‘n’ awe, slow ‘n’ steady… ready to flick that scintillated flame of dancing deceit…

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‘Pretty Little Scriptures’

These kids bring untarnished upon gifts with them

No such shy entities of their homegrown own – of undiluted, undeniably insatiable procedure

And he looks in their…

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