-Sharp Blades of Industry.

They’ve not asked themselves so very many maniacal… answers anymore, actually(.) Haven’t EVEN been thinking in a straight-and-meandering line, indeed(they DO seem to set-the-scene…

of open-ended alchemy amidst this…)

DIRE, dire…

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Who’d want to know anymore- all of these thoughts which seem to waste their brains. Shame for so very long a tumult of time. Why not? Let themselves own…

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Bruised butterflies

We are talking here about a brushed and bruised briefly butterfly that will speak its own set of mind. Miniature and monitored to be minutiae albeit ultimately.. this homeSPUN…

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Chubbier Than The Sun!

They’re talking about ruling-the-roost for all of an endless early-am. Broken-hearted and mysterious and a-c-t-i-n-g.. perilously brand-new AND IMPROVISED again.. they’ve even fastened their wideAWAKE, THUMP-OUT-LOUD heARTStrINgS To The…

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– In the PROcess She Did Trust.

Utterly brilliant and intact is her very best sense of momentary delight; just fuksake frightful with WHAT she will be ably able to archive AND

Achieve: with her tired eYe…

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Theirs is the broken-down and battered, BATTLEHARDENED masterpiece that NEEDS TO BE: comfortably underSTOOD NOW; for its wonderfully dishevelled state

Of absolutely irretrievable brilliance/ as one agitated artist will -…

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– Debriefing the Pelican.

It is an utterly oversteered, OVERsTrEwN opinion and these typically rambunctious AND lambasted peOpLe seem to want to REALLY guide their disguisement of eyes—-

Away from everybody else and their…

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“gAme Over, Let’s GO!”

There is a mystery in them-there absolute meandering of masterpieces- a scintilLATEd sense that its ALL-OF-IT been… this late AND, thereFORE, belated LATE-NIGHT ENDEAVOUR:

As an avid Artist stARTS to…

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Blah blah

Time has taken the test to them; it even appears to have opened THEN… closed WIDE-SHUT their advancement of ear(!) It is NOT a factual thing, actually, but… rather……

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You’re looking to push and, even, pull it all back together eventually, to bring all of the ocean of emotional scribbles into one whole impactful and utterly rhythmic storyline….

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1)A pink moon. A little bruise- a broken-down, UP-and-ABOUT(!!) masterPEACE of will…

2)They, WON’T they, though(?!) Open=UP their tired and wIrEd (right NOW…) mInD$…

3)… to authoritatively G-A-I-N that secondarysense: of…

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Caption This.

The last person who they want to think about again is their merry old selves beCAUSE… the silenced sound is far nicer as they whistle and wHiTtLe away

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Shit happens 😃 😉

You have literally poured every single feeling that comes with the disorder into your scribbles. It’s not poetry, not for a mere eager second actually. You’ve managed to scribble…

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