‘These Shy-Lock Wings Of Hers’

There is this burgeoning light, trying to fight aside undeniably flicker its tired and tamed flame and to inundate itself to get in, eventually indeed


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‘The Italian Job’

The Italian job to outdo all other jobs indeed – this particular couple undeniably at one with the supportive other

And they will make it count…

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‘Hard-Knocks Juilliard’

Comfortably creative and she sees a way inner within, for these trepidatious words to outlandishly pour and at serendipitous will
She won’t she though? … turn the other…

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‘Speed Demon’

He hears these beatific beats before it makes any real sensical sense – inside of anyone else’s head, that is

Bountiful by quantifiable motion, this gloriously…

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‘The Other Abrupt Person’

We walk and attempt to annunciate and talk
At the very same unavoidable time
And rewind our lives – our deceitful lies – with these outright reconfigured, seemingly irreversibly…

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‘The Five Finger Death Punch’

I stop to forget and, so suddenly soon, all of this forgetfulness makes utter nonsensical sense again – I am right here, immediately right about now

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‘Canada Dry’

Many a momentous moment, indeed
She seems a little bit promiscuously lost and he absolutely feels it – simply because he has been insufficiently breathing
No less
She feeds…

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Settles to gloriously soar – she is the neon demon carrying all of these devilish dreams tethered rapturously within

Set to desirably reach the other person’s…

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‘These Principled People’

Gun-shy individual carries with her these behemoth lies, right by the enemies secretive demise
And they shall stay the detrimental distance no less prioritised

By this quantified…

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‘Dust Bowl Refugee’

I am fighting fair fecksome within this tired individual with stars aligned right by his predisposed eye – seen far too many a dastard thing
Indeed and otherwise…

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‘Pile-High Persuasive’

Settled to soar, this manic individual abhors
The plain mundane, under-enthused working day

And he shall relinquish all of them there dreaded demons swarmed to warm rather…

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Watched the whole corrupted thing go up in blasphemous flame – pained me to see it, yet deserving he was indeed

A pained damned miracle-man with…

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‘Cutthroat Divide’

I barely sat and witnessed to watch, you tighten to viciously constrain the beating parts of your beneficially pulsated vein
Til everything makes some sort of tremendously strenuous…

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‘She Sits Right Here’

She sits waiting and sinfully scintillating – catching fair contagious fire and all of her very own wayward wanderlust heavenly accord

These strewn words don’t hold…

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“There Goes My Hero”

I never truly knew you like those other people do

And that will need to simply be extracurricular specifically inundated insane

The pain you do…

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‘The Drop’

Silent sensation – under-beneath, underground

Bedraggled barman meets high-flying drug-baron : and they prepare themselves to go a.m. through p.m. – and right back round again…

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