‘Sweet Reverie’

A pianist, the author, and one want-away artist gather to gain, incredulous levels of unofficial artistry midst dripping, written, keynote creation

One man’s occasional thought is…

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‘In The Blink Of A Billion People’s Dreams’

The encourageable improvisation artfully abounds and a million thundering moments swell inordinately against the shape of his mental asphyxiation – hell upon empathetic earth

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Either Or Both Or Neither’

The locomotive intelligence that caused the weight of the train-wreck

When the might of one mind matches the demons inside – with a forensic examination all…

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‘Champagne Bones’

The humongous level of uttermost over-emotion, the constant feeling of under met with over – whelmed to touch and carelessly caress
The unofficial face of his next blank…

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‘Ashes 2 Ashes’

Taking some of his pill paint, he neatly nestles it at the suffering surface – softly, slow and absolute nurture, please. Simply amply apply and gently ease…

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‘A Constant Climb’

A constant cacophony of unerring make-believe – the bold embittered comatose cold shoulder given over

To a piece of pure under-the-skin art

Attract the abstract…

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