‘Piano Plays’

So soft and subtle at first, before this vigorous vain-glory showpiece takes precedence both centre-stage
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“Born To Be Blue”

A consummate moment of utter concentration, from the cornered-in individual who looks to alarm his nearest both dearest by way of extraordinarily insightful enthusiasm

Artistic by nature, aware…

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‘Whiskey Slips’

  • The turnabout poem – this utterly nestled, twisted, bleeding mess of a woman with a famed frame to match her acclaimed face
  • Touch the…
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‘The Book Thief’

The way she wrote was something for, perhaps, another age altogether; an age wherein everything needed to make upside down decidedly… concentrated sense – in one such…

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‘Slip Not’

An untouched child – mild and makes itself mannerly for all these childlike reasons
When it speaks with less-and-less…

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“The Drivel N’ Drive”

So the scribbles proceed as per usual – as high-ended and flighty? I’m not so precisely sure anymore, to be perfectly honest. One thing that I do know however,…

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‘Enigmatic Apocalypse’

An enigmatic apocalypse catches frightful sight with a maniacal night – sideswipes and winds right by

Her detrimental eyes for sentimental persuasion, just upside-down earmarked as…

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