Boiling It Down To… Being Brian 😃

Saturday. 25th November. Lads coming over for the evening and heading into Bandon later on. I’m happy. That’s all I got to say, really ❤️ There isn’t really a…

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‘Emergencies On Poised purPOSE’

If it’s SERIOUSLY insisting to’ve known at how PRECISELY to become a beeswax=masterpiece and it’s having a laugh at all of its OWN ownership~of~iDLe~minded-expense$, then they crudely asked for…

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‘The Deliberate D!AMOND’

she’s been eating into their ticker tape tone of time again and making it all feel _ defectively real AcTUaLly(!)

We were ending up cold and roasting heated… at…

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“Let’s Put Our Pistols To Bed”

Where there’s a natural nature to her have a heart strangeness and she still can’t seem to tell the eagerly deafening difference between being positive and laugh out low…

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Yeah, with the imbalance I need to refer to it as just that, for myself more than anything, really. It’s a big imbalance but what it ends up doing…

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‘CuRvEBallS aT dAWn’

There was probably nothing else LEFT in them but for “maybe everything which sleeps to sing…” It’s a huge and colossally expressive task that they’ve been up to MULTIPLIED…

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“She Had The Mind To Matter”

If they took time then they took the MERE eager individually evil thought of torture WITH THEM too – “inside of their over automatic minds.” It’s a seriously skewed…

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The Stuntmen Inside Of Their M!NDS.

When we take ourselves off to the strangest places and proceed to knit our minds GENTLY together yet again. It’s fabulously fabricated, actually, how they enter their Neanderthal names…

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4 Stories of Utter ******* Understanding.

When we were locating the impossible to locate things inside of their merry-go-lively heads that’s precisely WHEN(??!) it all started to

ahem, fall(??!) into mesmerised place, and if they’ve…

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‘Saddled With Strange Little Tendencies’

They took time and tended to it with a fine-tooth-comb actually, and they bartered with the eco-friendly seconds to make (ABSOLUTELY) nonsensical friends with the minutesWeTendToWeave; the people

That played…

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