You might like to swarm right by these extra insane people who carry a detriment to the over elongated aside outlandishly improper cause

Strife time indeed…

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‘Her Eyes Crucify’

Two for the starry price, these people have sought a sense of one – twice the unarguable diction-spiller//double the fun

Rum ‘n Coke empire of hard…

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‘Imagine That’

Take a moment to unravel all hard work persisted at breakneck speed – this has been anything but simple, a way from under beneath

These medals…

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“I’ve Been Waiting”

Bespectacled – a living, breathing man knows no true bounds, to round ’em right up ‘n’ knock ’em facedown

The will to simply be is gargantuanly thrilling to He,…

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‘Even As He Sleeps’

He watches you all while breaking a tremendous sweat to simply stay upright awares – if only you saw whatever it is he might see


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He purposely broke the mould and caught crazy highlighted fire – these mistakes are problematically par for a wayward course til back upon a straight and narrow,…

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‘Hell Holds Tremendous Pains’

The bone-dry apple of my ludicrous eye, can you perhaps pause yourself amidst this gun-enthused seal-the-deal bullet-pushed activity
You seem like a man who never thinks to stop…

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‘Amazing As We Make It’

Swish and battle by the steel-fingered bone – by the realisation to utterly prioritise the wandersome mind

Simply suggestive no more far bloody less

She is made to be marvelled at…

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Fresher then New York and minus one helluva smog to stress your better senses right the way out from intricately in beneath

We sit and talk and walk and watch…

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‘You Decide’

Why do we have to simply adhere by all of these outlandish things indeed – just why on earth can these beautifully stood, staunched and barbarically bandaged bygones not…

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She smokes everything when we aren’t truly looking, they can take to saying many a maternal thing, whilst she breathes fair delibly amidst these player playboys of hers

Who shall…

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‘The Cry For Happiness’

Feel the beat, disco/ball endeavour – brutishly treasured by a hundred-thousand trust-thirsty people

Their festival for mild and hungry souls
We have been watching in these embellished…

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‘The Simplest Thing’

She pours her orange soda and the bubbles retreat at slow-freezed, upward coursing pace – details per say, ’tis all in the fastidiously upright mind


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‘Get Your Head Around This’

My eyes have been blinded by this particular thing and it will need to breathe by a most jovial instance indeed we feed by the uppertrust personality…

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‘Minds Blown’

Don’tcha know it – by the boundless grace of a most honest to good natured God we do seem to mean it the very utmost


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‘Empire Of Mighty’

Boy V. Girl

Dark delicious and settled itself – right by their activised and prioritised down-squander extraordinaire

They sit and converse til high and drier…

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‘By All Means’

Set it alight like never quite before, and, so you do know, it has to be fantastically sobering and undeniably righteous

Yes, it is worth the…

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Far, far left. The chosen one who tends to mean to outlandishly fabricate it all.

From wildfire and trepidatious fashion, she will be utterly sumptuous aside…

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