“Excuse the Noise, Please”

They’ve already pestered the ins and outs of utter hostility, already showing the world its… multifaceted worth. It’s

A good game of “what the **** happens inside of their…

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‘A Stunningly Underrated Undercurrent {of fuN}’

We took something otherworldly universal and traded thirsts for the sake of shaking-it-aLl-Up yEt AgaIn. “We’ve got ourselves outlandishly determined to outlast, outcast, these h!dden reprobates with BEDRIDDEN minds…

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‘TuckedUP in Testosterone’

We probably saw. Nothing of noteworthy worth and, yet, we still instilled a state of wayward Bliss. If we’ve been making them think of anything else of us they’ll…

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‘Lavender and Lakesmith’

What if we walked and talked and turned testosterone into its very own singular thing? They’ve been bellyaching yet again and being.. “fedUP and irreparably unique-SLASH-bleak(!!)”

When it gets too…

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‘Judging Amadeus’

If there’s this quick-thinking elation embedded then they’ll have been striking into the UTTERLY and knowing HOW-TO: “break the brains of these needless people anyway.” She

Didn’t seem SIZABLY-both-SUITABLY adjusted…

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Yeah, I’ve definitely lost my mind a million times. That’s just OCD and that really does appear to be my lot. I have it. It’s the greatest cunt of…

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‘Leaping Through Loopholes’

They weren’t really clicking into gear and making it utterly inclined to take its ticker-tape of time. She’s been doing the exact same stuff as a million other alternative…

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Each to their own ❤️

I think anyone, with or without a mental illness, really needs to do one thing. To look after their own brain and how their actual brain works, or doesn’t…

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‘The Fall That Felt Its Own Weight’

We’ve weighed it all UP ENOUGH NOW to sincerely express unapologetic opinions of these SERIOUSLY IGNORANT people. We’ve even

Silly-as-we-all-are DillYdalLiEd inside of our WIDEAWAKE heads. She’s — depending…

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