‘Put Upon An Invisible String’

Bell-ends and benevolently asphyxiating people’s : a turncoat group of under-entitled yet ferociously-both-wandering-and-windswept individuals.

These typified and titular moment turncoats…

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‘Harrowdown Hill Happenings’

*Oncoming and based upon Thom Yorke’s wonky-eyed process (of entertainment)

Process to invite excellent admittance to the persuasive and agile parts of his whole wide/awake and…

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‘Sophomore Smiles For Miles’

An egalitarian point of procedural wherewithal – a cantankerous, outright affable enthusiasm that shall.. procure to profess to causing them some sort of undeniable damage…

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‘The Color of Creation’

Sits upright albeit narrowly withstanding / all of these matrimony/like moments of malfunction met with mere anger and apostrophe. Sedimentary, dearest Ink/Spillers of Ours ……

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‘A Charged Glass Gathers Its Gain’

Exactly 3-effervescent seconds … of silent sensation, and a padlocking of two pairs of ever/entrusting, over/eager eyes pedantically proceed ; soon as when he softly,…

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“Alrighty Then/Almighty ZEN”

Pictures like this will need to take poised precedence so that it can, in time, arguably amount to something ‘alternatively ordinary’ and in a most…

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“All Ears”

An honorary pause will cause for endless bouts of utter lucidity :A scent of diluted, ‘up-your-nose’ drug-tug and, seemingly, she’s been borrowing his bare-naked brain…

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‘A Living, Breathing Eulogy’

To bound in utterly under-entitled wasn’t going to gather him many, if any, a fan. Hard, harmless, once-upon-a-handsome man who catered to comfortably care. Albeit,…

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‘Cutthroat Concentration’

Sanguine is his eight barrel, nibble-quick ability with the quickness of quirky “scribble-finger” – that unique and utterly affable eagerness that shall predominantly proceed

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‘Wound-Up Warriors’

Tallyho and tentative are these pure and preparatory gloves – slipped tighter still roundabout the awaiting width …

Of these…

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‘Moonlight Miles & Teenage Smiles’

Uncertainty and impossibly argumentative individuals divided by time aside trillion-dollar transcontinental tantalisation: this. is. them. And all about that affable, unique and utterly androgynous notoriety,…

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‘Take My Hand, Let’s Dance’

Years of utter petrification added with shuddering levels of comatose behaviour: Jean Dominique Bauby left but a literary baby who can not fend correctly for…

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‘A Cobwebbed Crucifix’

Both fired and fried alive by this wanderlust life – of uttermost upheaval aside gracious guarantee-al of extraordinary intricacy, he bleats these words at a…

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‘Strange People: In Pretty Places’

Latte-loving, layabout imbeciles who wrap their faith right roundabout other people’s prognosed paralysis – this, that, and EVERY other malfunctioning need to maniacally breathe …by…

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‘Stay The Distance Please”

He smiles like a boomerang catch comfortable kite – then, with her concertina going eyes they tend to push that opportunistically elephantine elegance

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‘Ball. ballet – Aphrodisiac’

Geometrically incorrect passes and blasts from the piercing past – these erstwhile and phenomenal individuals, who (really do) mean to (miraculously) amount amidst this meaningful…

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‘Zoey & Delilah’

A warbler with words, hours atop multiplying months of in-between endless madness – that actual-in-fact level of “goodness and gracious Me!” … …that unremarkable person…

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‘Postcards From Paradise’

To scale the hectic heights of eagerly mischievous mountain peak is to solvently, seamlessly, most valiantly be a braced bravely heroic individual who shall voluntarily…

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