‘Life / Remote / Control’

A disturbed boy – life / remote / control
With instant grammar he appears to be a rolling strolling instagrammer

Is this in fact a home for…

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‘Concrete AnD gOLD’

With eyes on fire she’s a facsimile version of all of these better things
With pert breasts and a magical A-Cup portrayal she feels many a thing whilst…

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‘Borrowed Warriors’

Nobody aside nothing
In any peculiar form, shape, nor law and ghastly order

Dreamscape New York – network – City sitting pretty and tasteless all at one…

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‘Drowning In A Sea Of Self Pity’

A broken heart, this darting hidden ability – to magnificently adhere
To these multi-syllabic things
Of his, both cherished aside carefully judged

Therein lies a protrusion to solely…

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‘Hot Wire Searches For His Rebel Queen’

This silent enticement
A rush of borrowed blood
Cajoled excitement – makes roundabout
Sense of itself
A ginger-haired wannabe and wanton recluse, the wanderlust introvert
Settled to soar – nobody’s fool but…

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‘Alicia Is’

Precious and talking as though even the most alarmingly nonsensical stuff would soon start to make exceptional sense
Of itself

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‘Another One In The Basket’

Far-reaching, tremendous people

Poised and barking terriers wrangled by a misinformed, mysterious system
Simply unsettled individuals who care for nothing else but for candidly correct creation aside…

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A poised, perfectly manicured and stripped lip and forever threatening at that, he pushes himself gently toward this rather sensuous portrayal of bestial hers – a neatly…

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‘Deathly Demise – All Eyes’

Wanton delirium
A smile, a barb-wiring existence
Catered for by that detrimental feeling within
Clouded judgement, realms of manic misbehaving’s
She frustrates herself endlessly, this deprioritised mess with sizeable cigarettes and…

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A held-tight porcelain portraiture
A loose-legged girl
Swinging legs
Comfortable, creative
Confident and conscientious co-exist
Whenever she feels a sense of brave-ended reawakening
Recklessly real
A twenty-minute recall
Remembrance – charm aside utter chaotic behaving’s

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‘A Novel Idea’

An artifice, an expanding realm of choreographed behaviour
solid and lip-tastically aware, Her open mouth portraiture

Dent in the brazen atmosphere creates chosen bouts of utter delirium…

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‘Tenfold Fiona’

Her naked abnormality – a good defence
She sins in secretive form of fashion again
Whilst he fastens his muscled arms right by her slender, skin-like side
A pretty little…

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‘The Ephemeral Fever’

This pen-tale tattler, constantly creating again, this nurturing aside wildfire nature

To settle her thinking utensil and to hold its heavenly gain as close to her…

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