‘A Life Vilified’

A competition called Life – one girl, two boys
That deliciously unfriendly divide
Destroyed right down the middle

Of gargantuan happenstance aside…

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Theatrical Happenstance’

Emblematic of something rather otherworldly and unannounced, hidden intricacies which graciously race against the grain

To remain riotously indifferent is…

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‘Happiness Collapsed’

The pragmatism, the beautiful fuller figure, this unreadable need to reason with tendency – happiness and failure both gathered and grasped

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‘As Word Would Have It’

The miraculous memories,
evening time instances of utter productivity aside rather outright maddening intellect –

haphazard people building castles that…

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‘Diplomatic Currency’

Crippled with creative intelligence, she understood a necessity to alter something which will eventually settle itself outright masterfully both uttermost and downright diplomatically -…

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‘A Masterpiece of Precious Ilk’

Prepare her masterpiece, please. And bring with it dubious levels of inhumane humanity and innermost irregular angst, a cunning and concentrated ploy which can call…

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‘Heaped In Heroin’

hours of hilarious aperture, moments which collide with oneself. the ambivalent author and the pained painter who, between them, can and should but shall solvently…

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‘The Unsensed Depression’

Irretrievable and angst arisen, a sinning city valiantly attempts to hold its own gaze. As a disguised and disgruntled soirée proceeds between these spectacular people…

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I am the night

the chest expands, ((her)) nerves withstanding//this/one cigarette’s ((dwindling)) sense of ((proprietorship and)) prestige and

proprietorship // that of the face of a ‘Caballero’…

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‘The Misinterpreted Masterpiece’

With a weary face of confident procrastination it shall attempt to valiantly transform itself toward sensational freedom. Evening time bouts of catering to care –…

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‘Arctic State Of Stare’

the foundations
of a maverick masterpiece. all-inclusive yet rather intrusive upon their nervous dispositions – distressed men who mean to matter amid their pretty women…

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