He takes the cigarette smoke and poses to bow and blow a whole hole – within the dreaded and cauterised, numerically awry system

They have missed…

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‘A Hidden Gem’

Problematically swarmed
Disarmed albeit subconsciously bombarded by all of these oft than not uncontrollable white-lies which summarise til prime-evil inundated

Seems she’s been bleeding outright and cold-sober…

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‘He Sings’

Something from near to nothing and they will listen with their bejewelled ear still stinging, still ringing – this has been simply scintillating and we breathe inundated…

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‘Tortured By Design’

Two years – crucified by the unkindly of mind
Saturated by interior design

The tobacco man, catch him when, and if, you absolutely can
And the darting dare-devil…

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‘Jesus Christ Superstars’

Pulverised right by the bleeding and blood-curdled core of their seemingly so extraterrestrial being – only they know their real name

Eyes wide opened and feeling…

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‘Stuck On Irreparable Damage Done’

Millions of miles, still starry-eyes inclined
We’ve been singing while the other cursed person interrupts the flow by jerking the wheel
The flame is sinking deeper than a dozen…

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To bring
And to breathe : and to secretively live and lucratively lie right by the deceptive in between

Is. This. Really. Dying?

To panic when…

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‘Nocturnal Noose’

Ready when you are, little lady – the nocturnal noose cut loose

Bloodflood – a million shackled memories
No noise no nothing actually
Just. Sudden. Secretive. Necessity.

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‘No Passports Required’

Broken down in-between and these multi-coloured rollies catch creative flame again, they were membrane insane/ahead of the game right before it all began to finally make caviar…

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‘Push & Pull’

Holding her held breath for hostage and hoping for something to bring it all back, needless to say that this has all of it been utterly unaccustomed…

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‘Borrowed By Bipolar Design’

Bitten and besieged she breathes uneasy – this torn asunder girl with amalgamated frustration

And to think that they told her that she could own the…

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‘Tabitha Rose’

Be brave, be bold, be bolstered right by your own breakneck brilliance – make this make serendipitous sense again, oh please, my sweet spectacular Tabitha Rose

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