‘International Anomaly’

Sweet serendipitous kisses which will obviously act of their own accord – cutthroat, albeit deliciously remote and universally controlled. When the strength of this non-conformist…

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“Everywhere Art Goes I Go”

Art doesn’t have to be ‘complete’ anymore. It just needs to get all of the artist’s approval, be it momentary and pleasing or a fleeting with time…

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‘Occupational Hazards’

Bullish and skittish all in one hecksome go – we must just amount to all-out-war whilst wiring the colourful nature of our kaleidoscopically inescapable minds…

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‘Wall Of Fire’

Angrily masked and uttermost ultimately untimely, he soothes one so very singular soul via the living, breathing, quick-thinking ability


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‘An Ear, To The Ground’

Two artists, one works off of the other’s insatiable needs – these early am. momentous moments of plain outright balanced insanity and workaholic workload. The typically jaded…

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‘Ballad By Hand’

Sterner tests shall momentarily anticipate relentless levels of high-pitched folly and foible…

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‘Goodness Gracious’

This is the angst-arisen ploy to disembark at the stark contrast of a most moist-faced dawn that shall inevitably both invariably send these irretrievable policemen…

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