‘Tell The Collection’

Mainly because the ordeal is fair beneficiary
A turning-point, a meticulous dovetail ending to procedure


Rambunctiously midst this need for substandard handy-work
Roundabout winding’s of modern-day…

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‘The Final Fade-Out’

Gloriously bestowing and they can feel the might of a cutthroat knife, life out on rent again – penetrable whilst…

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‘A Hop-splotch of Crazy Color’

Cauterised at being decidedly cathartic – her mind finds time to
Adhere to all
Of these silkworm beneficiaries – if she will swill her sinking coffee bean midst undeniable…

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Needless to say, they shall make magnificent hay there
Where have…

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A whistling whisper, a creative forethought
The wild roses rise and bare the most – silly little juxtasupposed Girl who should’ve, could’ve, owned her wide world
Gilded in maleficent…

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‘This City of Maladjusted Mirrors’

An unfashionable person, yet her mind realigns and plays with the burgeoning-ly twisted, dishevelled and distanced time

These fashion-forward people are rude at being interrupting and…

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factotum – a bottle of beer with a broken-down needy imbecile hanging from its nether region and she ignores his momentary call – time by time, turncoat…

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A caught and contagious breath, a silent someone special to someone else altogether and they even miss the moss right now of her agonised being
A frozen little…

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‘Eddie & Effie’

Born rather slippy and he misses her perfectly imperfect juxtaposition – the scintillating picture/scripture of her bare-naked and opportune body – behemoth at being big and real…

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A president persists and resides – whilst one whole country settles to seed

‘Little Man’ D. seems to be seemingly seamless at being recklessly r-e-a-l

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Pillows and feet and here we tend to have ourselves the bed-arisen, -ridden, in-between – fret nothing but for the minutiae mind cloaked n’ dagger-swaggered inside all…

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“Pardon Me, Please”

She’s been crunching, scrunching these miserly numbers up inside of her oblong blonde head for mathematical…

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