Borrowed Territory

As they recall it all and stand STOODtall y’all – it’s a mixed bag actually of utter dishevelment. We were narrating our own sideline stories amidst these

People with a…

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“Surround The Area… Please!!”

They’ve already achieved utter acrimony, they’ve even been beleaguered amidst utter understanding – that fear it all ANYWAY feeling of ending up

Driven mAd to the PoinT of utter…

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I do think the poems, or scribbles, or whatever they could be called came from the amount of disorder which OCD did to my brain. That’s heavy, for sure….

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Delicate Dostoyevskians

If they broke themselves into two again then they might have to understand the delicate nature of their strangest desires actually; they are actually on purpose these vagabond pEoPlE…

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😛 🤷‍♂️

Cousin Mark came over this evening for a bbq at Phil’s and Aoife’s. Always great fun seeing him, such a decent and genuine guy. Course OCD came up, and…

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‘Portrait of a Lady in Ice‘

They’ve been at it yet again; opening our ordinarily short of sight shutTIGHT= eyes might just make us feel beautifully brand new actually. It’s

Hella significant that they cannot seem…

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A Synopsis Of A Misunderstood Multitude

If it is a barking mad atmosphere they’ve been fullON fearing for themselves then let’s just let themselves

Upend it all the time please. It’s exciting to’ve been excited about…

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Their Vexed Moment of MadNesS

If they were ending it with slightly different sentences then he might just like to’ve been bursting at his actual sealing of the seams. We

Needn’t worry about his ventures…

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