‘Editorially Alone’

Go again please – tease her til

the knife ending

These enigmatic and largely unfolding unfulfilling days wherein the part that matters needn’t so much…

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‘The Visions of a Peripheral Genius ’

The ultimate intricacies of a gently perturbed chess player’s might of mind – fallen soldiers still fight. Open-ended atrophies about to endlessly happen. Inevitable and ready to…

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’A Creative Brain Waits’

“Trouble sees the evening time and calls its barb-wired, bare-bones nature semi-automatically inexpressive for its strugglesome worth – both…

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‘Create A Way’

“The coward who cannot create cannot contemplate … any other region, if only riptorn”

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‘Striking Accord’

“The brutal people that force others with endless baracades and troublesome aims … to take their favourite best feelings and torture it’s safest pathway”

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“An open-ended book which can single-handedly cause pause for encyclopaedic thought – that look of total awe aside wound-up bravado, upon a writer’s scribblesome part – par…

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”I want to create that one poem, prose … whichever really, that can make a person feel just how a music lover might feel when the tip of the…

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‘One Tide Too Many’

There are indeed chosen-faced numbers for you and I: sorts that set us ear-achingly apart have-a-heART… m’dear Delicate and jovially begotten Delilah

With the strength of…

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‘Eye Level Insignificance to Some’

Strange movements aside uttermost probable outcome , she can criminally cause a piece of doctored literary prose to turn
Itself vainly both gainfully toward – fictional fantasticality oh, my-to-why-ohthy…

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‘Hidden Figures’

Nicotene bites at the trail of her softly scattering fingernails – And a dark yellow stain sails angrily against

The face of one room’s par excellence…

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‘The Artist’s Paused Priority’

The pity party proceeds soon as she settles her scores and asks a daft delinquent question – figures upon a suitably charitable answer again. Although never, ever…

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“Situational, Perhaps, These Daft Delinquents”

Brutal moments of worryingly inappropriate conundrum caused by utter lack of carefree commotion, disaster-ridden rather. A slaughtering clusterf**king of never-ending, nerve-laden malpractice, which twists itself ingloriously amidst…

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“Truly Julie”

Broken-ended by way of mannerly sensation – wherein this playful plagiarist poet will oh, so wilfully attempt to make mediocre sense again

Sometimes insane, some shy…

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