-Her Smile Had Everything.

They do choose to be utterly overcome and disgusted with themselves again: even if and WHEN, the pen ceases to thINK..

Their wide-asleep minds sneak to CreEP—> into YET another…

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It Is NOT For The Faint Of Heart

Wedged between proactive and Actively ill-AWARE, what they’ve been to feel is

So very Dutiful above All-Of-ANYthing-else, reALLy. They’ve even done the tImE, unWinDed The Rhythm-of-Rhyme:: and asking ourselves just…

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They dream when they sleep and they schemed whenEVER we were creeping our way back— to the surface of our favourite BestDreams AndDesires. Maybe it’s actually ALL OF IT…

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them and Their WiLdlY Ambitious Premonitions

It’s been an insistency, a hidden-faced meaning with a softly advocacy— there’s this downRIGHT time for truth and time for other

UTTERLY denials, inDEED.
As their surefire demise takes Grandiose Shades-Of-Shape…

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That Claw of Fear.

They asked for everything back actually; for the whole-WIDE landscape to set itself UPagain…

what’s been HAD TO HAVE gone before it all and EVERY OTHER cliche little clique known…

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Yes, they did this all with the skies wide opening again. And their merry-old-minds happy-as-LAR and ANY one other INTERACTIVE person with their best Brains PUT FORTH and Fully-Fledged—


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.The Whisper In The Wind.

They’ve even done it with that shameless sense of being -/ actually these… guys-&-dolls of utterly aBsTrAcTuAl and FAcTual awareness, inDEED: these deeds which they have ceaselessly CreAted are


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Blue-Eyed Silences.

They took their very own breaths away and at previously prioritised pace: what we have been-to-feel has caused us ALL

This UTMOST Utopian SENSE OF immediacy and visionary enunciation, an…

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The Devil’s Apology: Dipped In Poison.

It’s isn’t that they didn’t do it for the sake of creating the seen-to-have been/- none-too-visionary, actually(.) It’s having its very own TimeThankfully InTheShapeOfTheSizeable Sun(.) Heated and Just —>


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