‘Keep Bleeding’

By your heart of hearts because we have to start some place special and I’d far rather be with you than any other thing out there

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One day, they will see why it is exactly that all of these outrageously brutalistic things do tend to actually happen.

These dangerously infatuated undercover cop-detectives…

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‘No Words’

Tantalised and no need to disguise the utterly undoubted beauty anymore

For she has given us her all of everything and that shall forever be more…

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‘Leave It At That’

She lay against his hung dry ego and felt his entire being both mental, outlandish and extra-physicality

Stands to sidle safely alongside of him, straddle his…

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‘Breathing Within’

This beautiful city – sit and sip and simply – traffic-jam amalgamation – see

Burnt hot coffee, crisp as the day is stripped of any such…

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‘He Equalised Everything’

See her and watch a way – with most astutely precise aside fiction-thrilled words.

Why must there forever be. A pressed cigarette though.
To stress the utter…

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The best kind – seriously otherworldly suggestive, pressed favouritely against

What he has had to simply do begs to belief and that shall be his single…

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“Bewilder Me, Please”

Slow and ready wins every single race – your body is unforgettable
Undoubtedly set to cause my tear-jerk eyes to gather centre-stage and pour

And these stingingly…

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Pawed to a point of utter betrayal – they murdered his beautifully truthful wife, whilst The South shall rise again…

A misshapen rain-cloud rises agonisingly above…

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‘Autumn In New York’

And they grow their very own awareness – soon as these sizeable trees seize our better version both whole and heartedly

A dancing leaf shows no…

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Quickfire Quotes

“Perchance might we share this clandestine dance because I’ve been up all of the night trying, trying, trying my heart out – to intertwine our sweet and…

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‘City of Angels’

She breathes, with an outlandish prep gathered blissfully amid her fashioned-from-fabric step

This treasured city will sit with her, every other wonderfully constructed day – by…

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“I’m Eve”

They’ve been intently listening to your words and cannot help themselves to divulge a little take a helluva lot – rooted by the truthful spot


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‘Be Brilliant’

He sits and takes a sumptuous sip of his Guatemalan caffeine, this is his beautiful city, and in this his wistful instance he will need to be…

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