‘The Prize Priced Golden’

Voracious in one word and able to wholly concentrate, to coin a brand new term will take ferocious insight quarrels suggestively with envious aperture gloriously arisen. Taking…

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‘A Kissed One-Thousandth Word’

When possibility meets dead-on certainty Рnights spent building an arduous empire hold forth / force for the juvenile eyes that bequeath his thirsty soul

For humongous…

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‘Eagle-Eyed Willard’

He manages to break every next which rule, all while turning his world unofficially toward utter apprehension – the sting in the proverbial tale tells a truculent…

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‘The Magnetic Zeroes’

The also-rans – heavy-drinking, quarrelling neanderthals, so it appears to be

All par for a most hostile course ever – to tuck on in utterly inebriated…

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‘Woolf’ – Version #2

The room held its own kind of maniacal franchise – namely unofficial¬†sweetly pepperings of alarmed chaos. Upside-over and decidedly underbeneath…

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‘Process This’

A lonely soldier swims both within and against their favourite-best element

Some people weren’t born to be interested, just plain abruptly intrigued

As to his…

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‘The Hoodwink of the Century’

The chosen comfort abounding, and the confusing studio sets its own lucrative scene once more – the agile state of moving, manoeuvring affairs, the soon-to-be-seen clientele which…

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‘When All Of The Instruments Arrive’

That tidal wave of Pearl River creation, a solo showcase of utter disenfranchisement

Hours upon… and the nocturnally¬†estranging wideness, weirdness, bone-dry idleness beneficially abounds amid complete…

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‘Our Winged Wonder’

Her brain’s been caught coughing up rainbows again… as she sits inside of the entertainment realm
Yet still…

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‘Sweet Reverie’

A pianist, the author, and one want-away artist gather to gain, incredulous levels of unofficial artistry midst dripping, written, keynote creation

One man’s occasional thought is…

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