‘Cut By The Knife Of Kindness’

The overbearing, g-string wearing imbeciles with minds for meat. The brave delinquent will forever quench his tongue-tied thirst and, barbarically, battle versus the seeded grain….

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“Burn, Butterfly, Burn”

 Even if there are many more others. Where is this unsaid, underlying, undying devotion? Hardly any more self-explanatory…

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“Vanity Spared”

Surrounded by the rushing noises of the romanticist’s mind over matter, the deftly overentitled right arm

Followed by a brush of artistic hindsight – mollycoddled serendipitous persuasion when…

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‘Riptide Radiance’

A whirled pearl of whip-smart radiance and it singularly becomes time to begin at sinning again – for a pair of discernible sweethearts from the heat of…

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‘A Stir Of Echoic Makings’

Sunshine state of mind
And a witness bears the falsest of filtering things
No such fruition indeed, dives right in… travesty speaking
Squeaky clean people

Is the…

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‘An Ear To The Ground’

A triangular torso, with small red head above bloated shoulders. And manic, misfiring, welterweight hair. Wis-ping near the vibrating chair. All shivers and sizably sodomised right by,…

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the publisher will do the rest, of course the fucking writer hates it all! spills his guts like a crazed idiot only for it to go absolutely nowhere, and…

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