You’ve probably watched most things, probably very nearly done the impossible with regards the OCD. It truly is what it is and your sole job for the time being, and perhaps always to a certain extent, with it is to calm it as best that you can manage. You’ve managed to try for so very long a time. With this discombobulation of brain. Not mind, per se. Your mind is your own and never went anywhere – to your utter credit. But with the OCD, it truly is unbelievable what happened and what it does to any given sufferer. You can’t really spend your time feeling for them because, just like you, they understand that the only way forward is for them, too, to look after number one. I don’t mean that in a… “forget about everyone else” way nor negative manner at all. What I mean is… it’s the absolute and utter priority. For any sufferer of a mental and complex disorder. The story of it, and all the other things that happened and will continue to happen around it will maybe come with time. It’s too… eye opening to be ignored. When you’re ready to just.. let people know. What to do? Maybe. But then, I cannot just some day so soon turn it all off for another person’s brain. That’s their job. An utterly undeserving job for anyone to have to be tasked with? Absolutely. But a job none the less. You’re not special, HELL NAH(!!) – your mind is just extremely on-edge for the time being and scared about becoming overwhelmed all over again. You’ve not been getting to drive your own, ahem… brain, not even your mind all that often. Having a job, etc. etc. having become pretty much an impossibility. You have accepted it. How have earned the right to accept it. However, these are all just more words on my particular perspective with things. Is it different to most? That perspective on certain things. Who the hell knows, but it is certainly a creative mind. And that’s all well and good, but that also meant not only never being able to turn of my OCD mind but also staying focused with the scribbles. That truly was… some sort of… inexplicable thirst to thrive, not just survive, with a silly little glitch of the brain 😃