Today, Tuesday. Finished minding the dogs and back over home now. Dogs happy out, and Phil, Aoife, and Ruzer home safe and sound. Bumped into Pauline McL. downtown and we went for a coffee at O’ Briens. She’s such a beautiful person and an absolute pleasure to know and hangout with. Came home, Mom back from Dunmore for lunch with Mary and Deirdre. Dad back from wherever he was today. Keeping going. Really need to start getting back to the running and I will, just that it’s not always as easy to be as spontaneous as that, or even to make decisions and stick to them in the moment. Anyhow, lovely few days in Phil’s and Aoife’s and watched a really good series called The Chosen One. I got this 😊 Whatever the themes are, and my need to not give them the time of mind, I do utterly also wholeheartedly respect the imbalance that is OCD too, and will work with it as always. I know who I am and how good I am and can be and how well I’ll be able to work with time as well as the rest, but of course it’s so strange always having it boil down to an imbalance, wherein I have to make the hard as hell choice not to fall under with it. I’m happy and I’m so proud, and I’m… relaxing tonight and maybe writing too many poem pieces to count ❤️