Take them to the rightful place
Where they just always seemed to belong, on absolute song
Strung out oh so sumptuously, gumption second-to-none
Wondrously dressed, eager to impress
Stress a thing of the past; why the heck not amass all of these tidy bringings
Layer cake thinning, sins utterly giving themselves away, one embarrassing note at a time
Replace a pock-marked disgrace which took the whole damn kasbah to another level for a straight-whiskered face
Pegging it with far more grandiose people
Why not let them create their very own forever steeple
Creeps also becoming a thing of the past soon as you blast that A47 right at them
On through them
Why not sit back, fold a suited leg and watch the whole kingpin world come trashing down
Play your particular song, Danny Boy
We were always waiting with open arms
Finally disarmed… or so it seems