You’ve come a long, long way and you are learning to live well with the OCD. It’s tricky even at the best of times, like today even. Sun is out, kids shouting and playing outside, and I’ve been down town about, hmm… five times maybe?! I’m doing everything really that I need to do to live well with it. But what if I don’t want just ‘well’? What if I want, and what’s more need, to live brilliantly with it. And by brilliantly what I mean is: continue to write well, work a job that suits me best with the way my brain does work, smile and do all of the extracurricular things that I’ve always dreamt of being able to do. This OCD thing is extremely tricky and only really in so far as the brain of the sufferer seems to keep, let’s say, timing-out. As in, the imbalance is situated at such a core and, therefore, necessary part of the brain, I guess, that suddenly… you find yourself… just disappearing into OCD-land again and without realising it entirely either. Like all of the stuff you’ve done and learnt and exposed yourself to a million times before quite literally just fades away inside of your discombobulated brain. As I say, I’ll never stop trying to get to a really good place with my OCD. And it is my OCD, my beautiful brain, my battle, my life, etc. etc. I met Ger McSweeney today, always love bumping into her. I think she gets the OCD like Mom gets it really. Mainly because her son, too, has OCD. And what a guy Ian appears to be. Caring above all else. I hope he’s doing okay with his lot too 😃