Yeah, with the imbalance I need to refer to it as just that, for myself more than anything, really. It’s a big imbalance but what it ends up doing to my brain and mind is the part that I really cannot keep having to handle. I say it feels like it’ll take a miracle to live well with this, but screw that, that’s just a momentary thought on the whole thing. A thought, though! An actual thought which came to mind without being interrupted by the imbalance. How nice is that? Inexplicably so, but I also know how hard I will have to work at keeping the imbalance at bay. I respect this disorder called OCD. I embrace it as well as anyone can be expected to do, really, with such a highly negative thing that is occurring inside of their brain. But I do have this, and will need to truly, truly… figure a way to really, really get to trusting my own brain, or mind at least, in getting on with my life. It’s a good life, and I’m a good, good person who wants to thrive as best as they can. Yeah, I absolutely have this brain disorder called OCD, and yeah it’s shit. But it’s also… able to give me an amazing amount of appreciation for even the seen to be simplest of things 😊