Of course you’re not aware of what you’re creating. How could you be? You may as well be… I dunno what you may as well be doing but for the sake of comparing it to anything, the scribbles aren’t really that big a deal in so far as thinking about it all goes for me. I mean… it’s hard to shake it off, and to actually NOT write something. However, I do totally think that the act of trying to get something out of maybe nothing is only going to be seen as a rather difficult thing to achieve once you’ve actually achieved that particular thing. Achieved a sense of… artistic merit, I guess? But generally you’re just… letting the words do their best. The storyline, etc which comes from it? I guess you can kinda get to call it magical because, well, you’re supposedly using the exact same parts of the brain most people won’t ever even figure-out how to utilise and use. I mean, f*ck knows how the brain is wired or what-not, but managing to… allocate, maybe(?) these certain parts is extremely, extremely difficult in the first place 😃 Actually… I don’t know how that happens in the first place, although I do know just how painstakingly hard it is and with a lot of waiting around and believing in this tiny speck of, well.. belief, really. People might probably even give you more hope of planning and finally scaling Everest at some stage in your life than landing some sort of an acclaimed style of writing, for the actual weight of what you are trying to inevitably craft and create with the scribbles