It’s the creating of possibly.. non-stop art. Maybe that’s what you could call it. Sometimes.. there’s this part of me that wants to just grab a crowd of people – be it of a night out, whichever, and to… just try and create a poem-piece on the spot. Now…that isn’t supposed to be all that easy but.. I guess there’s just this delighting in the absolute seen-to-be pressure of that particular situation you’ve placed yourself in. You’ll be… a little worried about how it turns out, too, of course, but generally you’re fairly sure that you’ll have done this thing a little bit better than anyone else. You understand what you can do, even if you might not really get to understand yet what it actually is that you’re trying to achieve with it all. I’ve never really been able to grasp the time to think that one through, though. However… it’s there in you… and it does literally feel like… this utterly comfortable thing which brings you back to it whenever you feel the necessary need. Or not. I mean, at this stage about ninety-percent of my mind seems to be somehow or another automatically focused on creating the next piece. Personally, with what I’ve had to go through with the OCD, it’s like a bloody hit of heroin for me, only obviously far and much more legal and healthy. Also, if you read it back, or at least if I do, while it is most certainly layered in personal thoughts and feelings and experiences — not with the alcohol and drugs and that sordid stuff, that’s just because a storyline is obviously necessary when it comes to the scribbles, it seems to make total sense to me. Like as though THAT stuff wasn’t even written by someone with OCD 😃 🤷‍♂️ Maybe you’d call that outrageous resilience and self-belief even at THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE OF TIMES 😉 but the depth of most of that particular dig? Well, I always seem to end up widening my eyes and staring at the ceiling in… utter disbelief and finding myself rendered kinda mute when I think about it… . So, yeah, that’s a depth no one needs to go to. And now, thank Christ I don’t need to, and certainly not with the scribbles 💃 Truth is this, I cannot let myself go that level of deep ever again 😀 There is too much good stuff to create in the future and WAY, WAY, WAAAAY(!!!) TOO MANY people in my corner for that ever to be happening, really 💪