I’ve watched Of Mice And Men, liked it a lot. Watched a few other really good films. Have been to cmac and had drinks and chats and hung about, still scribbling away. I don’t like to drink. It just is my ultimate trigger in many ways so sometimes I just end up doing it to see how I’ll cope, and also of course, to see how it actually might feel to feel drunk and all the more chilled when you are feeling better in yourself with the ocd. Ross has moved into our house in Bandon to save a bit while she rents her new home to the ex-owner for two months. So I’ll write and cook and do my usual with running and soccer and looking out for her all in all. It’s… how it is. Stuff just continues on all along, although what even manages to trump the frustration of not really getting to experience these moments free of thought of fear is the actual belief that you should in fact still be wary and should still be making sure something won’t go HORRENDOUSLY wrong. Headache territory again however many ways I have tried to explain it. But, really, it’s much more than just the sufferer not learning how to live with the ocd – the strength of the outright imbalance of brain really does make that part impossible in and of itself. Like your brain has been spiked and you cannot seem to figure how to upset the… actual imbalance of upset it causes you. Just another example of how it feels for the sufferer, really, is all.