There’s a break that doesn’t even need to be taken, not for a second actually. The words are there and they are mine and it now means next to nothing to me that anyone else might like to either read them or not. It wasn’t for anything other than to create something in mind. It’s the smallest and biggest part of me in equal measurement. Make sense? I don’t mind if it doesn’t because it all makes utter sense to me. A kind of sense that needed to be met since a curiously young age. The words are not weapons, they are not any of those kinds of seen-to-be grandiose things. All that they are is words. Put plain and simple. Placed fast-paced and together and filled with utter pulsation, in my opinion anyhow; and I do reckon it was maybe me who I was looking to make finally want to read something that I quite like. Now, it might be more the writing than the reading part that I adore but I still think I may just have become my own number-one fan 🤷‍♂️ Yeah… that’s important