There does come a time, I think, with the ocd when a sufferer needs to truly try their best and say goodbye to it. Now. Easier said that done takes on a whole new meaning here, but do it they really must. Now, things will most definitely feel absurdly strange and scary, even, for a fair while. But it’s the only way forward. To let it be there and to live as best you can. To trust your mind. Your gut. Your support system… everything that you do. It’s… something to be phenomenally proud of, something which will come to have you experiencing a very different perspective with things in general. How you see and react to things, for instance. However, it’s pretty damn reassuring, too, to discover that, well… no-one has ever had the same way of seeing things. That is wasn’t supposed to be ‘easy’ per se. But when your level of hardship might just have been most people’s multiplied a thousand times, you really do have to put all of your chips on the table and let it all go. All in! Always. 😃 ♥️