I think anyone who wants to create something and ends up going extremely… far with that process will definitely feel like they’re in a different headspace to most if not all of those around them. It’s… probably down to the fact that your mind and, therefore, imagination is literally kinda always on the go, always searching for something to land. To create in just the ‘right and ready’ way. It’s… hard to describe it because it’s the rawest and rarest part of a human being, I reckon and feel. However many ways you wanna say it, it’s… magical. Magical in so far as you can indeed duck out of something so very boring, or let’s say not so very entertaining, and at any given time and get yourself motoring again, with the scribbles in my instance. Although, I’m kinda at ends to portray it not as poetry at all but rather as… something propelling my creativity to another level, and by another level, I don’t necessarily mean ‘better’, cos, yeah, that is down to any other person’s perspective. Their mood, their enchantment with words, art in general, etc. The easiest part for me is roundabout the time when I am, say, maybe two or three fast lines into a piece. That’s when I just really seem to get to watch my mind and imagination working in complete unison. But that level of automatic scribble style took an age – say, ten years of going at it hard and arduously. Actually since I returned from Dublin to home in Cork. There were solid aims put in priority of place back then, and they still remain the same. And of course there is still that note in my bedroom at home that reads: “I have OCD.” Just a gentle reminder, really. Because that’s all that anyone else sees of it. Three words. Three life-changing words for me, though 😊