Cousin Mark came over this evening for a bbq at Phil’s and Aoife’s. Always great fun seeing him, such a decent and genuine guy. Course OCD came up, and of course it was pretty much as per usual left on deaf ears with regards the… whole understanding of the illogic of it all and from another person’s viewpoint. It’s extremely hard for me not to bring this up many times because I guess I’m frustrated that it brainlocks me, and it’s a way to try and make some semblance of sense of the disorder, I suppose. I know I’m clutching at straws though. I told Mark it was a perverted mental illness, and I’m right. It totally is. Had burgers and chips, which would probably have been a lot nicer had I actually been in the mood to eat. It’s hard to have normal appetites or normal anything when your mind is always on and racing to make sense of itself. Anyhow, on we go. 😃