Truly, there is no way around it but, rather, through it, I suppose. That’s it for the OCD, really. I’m giving it the capital letters it probably does deserve ‘cos, well, it’s still my brain, my attempt at functioning properly. My struggle, and it is a struggle and, often-than-not, immeasurably so. And, as I’ve said before, AND ad-nauseam, that is okay. It has to be. It’s constant and electric and awfully overbearing, but also.. if you can work best as you can with it, a rather instrumental thing in MANY ways. I don’t need to go into the why(?) and how(?) of it all right there. However. You are in a very… strange mental place most of the time, wherein calming it all down IS the only way forward. The other ways are all ad-nauseam, to be perfectly honest. The OCD is there and it IS to be worked in accordance with until, well, you actually do feel comfortable enough to trust in the whole diagnosed process. But, even at that, you are still being utterly forced to trust in a particular process which most people really do not have to struggle with in the first place. It’s a disorder, an utterly illogical and impossible one at times. It’s… quite possibly… beyond words, even if I do try and write about it to find some sort of sense and understanding and explanation in the nonsensical, even. It is scary, and it is most definitely tiresome. But you learn to let yourself feel fed-up and tired with it all because, well, it’s an imbalance at the core of it all. The theme/s of it? All of that utter, UTTER garbage which comes along with it, IS to be accepted. All of the harder to achieve when you find it has all become a rather automatic process. And by automatic, I really mean… AUTOMATIC! The runaround of rumination inside of your mind, I mean. So, yeah… I took all of that on a personal level and tilted it towards the scribbles. To climb out of the utterly nonsensical whilst also simultaneously building a scribble career with time. I also reckon that the actual speed of the scribbles is weirder than anything else 🤷‍♂️ NAAAAAH, that’s bullshit. Nothing is weirder than OCD