To call it difficult would be like calling… Christ, I dunno any worthy comparison anymore actually, but I also know that it’s a total con, the OCD – a total illogical ****up of mind. So, what does a sufferer have to do in this particular instance? Well… let the imbalance be there. Let it do its damnedest and continue on anyway. That’s a level of tricky mental manoeuvring beyond its very own separate description really, but for the sufferer to ACTUALLY really live maybe even much more than just well with it, is the ultimate and, often than not, only dream they carry with them. The rest may often have to take something of a back seat and that’s actually okay too. It has to be, really. But it takes ‘be kind to yourself’ to a whole other level. You need to not only be constantly kind to yourself but to also do the best that you can – fitness-wise, eating-wise… everything-wise really. Stop the things that exacerbate it all the more. It’s a glitch – perhaps what could be called a trip-switch of the brain happening and nothing else. The rest? The themes, the reassurance seeking to calm that addled brain, it’s all just… collateral damage, I guess you could call it in one manner. Just your mind trying to seek a calm that isn’t really there entirely in the first place. People do find it interesting, though, and mainly because, I suppose, it makes literally no sense to them and yet they get to see the person with the disorder try and expand on its explanation all the more. Deaf ears, though, is all you will EVER get. And I do get it, I get it is rather an intriguing thing… quite like a case study on anything, let’s say, ultimately mind boggling and unanswerable, really, would turn out to be. But you roll with ALL of the punches and you go again. That’s it. That’s OCD – arguably the most… mixed up and utterly opposed to the sufferer’s truest mindset and personality kind of a mental illness. That’s where all the scribbles come from in many a way. I mean, I wanted to scribble anyway, always, but it definitely gives you a seriously… different perspective on things. And that’s kinda scary too, because a lot of your own opinions will be fairly… mind boggling at first for others, maybe.