A sneaky slumber or two, maybe more, way too many snores to count, never down on my luck, resoundingly ready to embrace San Francisco in the summer of ’04
What was it about this place that brought a resolute smile to my freckled and juvenile face
A guilty smile, seeing as more often than not I may well have been a drunken disgrace, inescapably rooted to any given spot, mute
I have this on rather good authority, in all honesty there were most probably far too many sorority parties, burning the candle somewhat, necking beers down the pub ’til my sight went AWOL, turned shape-shiftingly queer
Steer clear, what they told me to do, but with Neal and Nuge along for the ride I just couldn’t say no, a confusingly intoxicating flow of ‘TAAKA’ vodka sending me on my way right from the very beginning
Both good times and bad, but now I feel like I’m winning, sure can’t you see it right here, in the words that I write that I seem to be singing