Battles hard both hurriedly, and her comfort levels have been strenuously dwindling, whilst a constant cutthroat feeling of gyrating chaos resiliently resounds, all awhile a lavishly prepped art room bountifully begins to breathlessly breath…

… both bathe soothingly within its own reflective state of wrought-iron resilience which dances nervously… it meanders face-first recuperated and avidly back towards the outside again

That generally negative notion that a champagne body of Vaudevillian bones cannot be equally tenderly kissed both lightly frightened by a blaze of silhouetted fire is piercingly seen-to-be

Brazenly incorrect…
As though her each and every next prodigal student, as steadfastly juxtasupposed as they are, chooses to naturally match themselves supernaturally against the born-again surface either way forth-forward-remarkably-prioritised by the substitute for light…

… while there they shall exhaustively choose to enter into the jaded reawakening of the nocturnal nighttime, oft than not substantially causes for kaleidoscopic refrain via the dutifully locomotive divide – utterly translucently transfixed and about to land itself atop of a most welcoming canvas/SMASH

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