Nervously nocturnal again!! is this his slaying nature.. ? Early-am., paint-brushing the awfully affable aside of only ever of course to be left these Beautifully Treasured Things – an ample-handed and graciously grandiose mannerism of speaking…

To gently gentrify and tweak

The downright differing-both-dithering difference, which will st-ILL shout and meaningfully meanders with-in ALL. OF. WE.

When her wanton “war-with-words” ramble and scramble and
Fuckwit and fastidiously-

Trapped in the triangular-rectangular gap between their thumb-ring and their shapeshifting matrimonial finger – rectangular abstraction indeed and masterfully both flit-tingly layered pristinely amidst this dactyl delinquency, which just will not relinquish its shape-shifting throne no-MORE.

Primed, proper and prone and jovially begotten. Be rather rotten to fail at this STAGE

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