Something stirs until
Universally otherworldly- a scintillated story Of one Mancunian man and his stretch away from
Homeland. Brews ‘n’ scoops ‘n’ dead end scenarios where-in nothing tended to make shovels of sense

Anymore. But for the want away work in the dilapiDATED coal mines- maladjusted Young Minds brought-to-task and taken-terrifically-from-touch, stereo-physically.

Illustrated, sketched and stretched to unlimited and endless resources of irREGULAR repent…

When a senatorial sentence slips-both-skips from aforementioned’s beer-streamed lips, a decision to QUIT the quell of early am. to pm. To reach–

for the other end of the world somehow. To plow a beatnik furrow

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