That’s what he told me to write about, one way or other, 300 women
This would mean a woman for everyone, wouldn’t it?
Not quite but you get the gist
A poem that can’t but appeal to the masses, have you glued to your laptop – YouTube – forsaking all of your early morning classes
Something for you all to think about, be they dressed in skinnies or showing a little or a lot more leg, strolling about the place in minis
Big girls, skinny girls, either or, to us fellas they really do mean the world
Absurd but that’s just how it works
An insane ability to cause us so much Goddamn hurt, owing to that out and out appeal, tiny things like the squeal of their voice
Never really our choice who we end up with, entirely down to them
So here I sit, pen in hand, praying to the high heavens that things do turn out grand
Here she comes…