They really thought about turning their tantalised tongues into wide asleep, actually, masterpieces. They did it with their memories intact, their utter self respect—

Tracking its way back… “we were… thinking of bringing the curtains down, NOT JUST THE HOUSE ANYMORE.. bricks and mortar et all because

What you think has happened DID NOT indeed happen(!)” Mapped MeanderingS Of RoutesTo Highways With Mighty Smiles ganging up and hanging from HAPPY-lights. The truth took: something

Utterly epic. Really.. it’s been a rather fairly obviously… sarcasmLed endeavour, and we ended UP

— electrifying our own STAB-HAPPY minds… only in a most t-r-i-u-m-p-h-a-n-t manner(…)

There will always be another need for NEVER EVER AGAIN, until.