These particular people have made.. endlessly echoic Sense of Themselves (somehow?!) Only NObody can know EXACTLY.. but for… ACTually everyBODY ELSE, maybe(?!)

And perhaps, amidst an inordinate LaPsE in COnsiderable AND Considerate concentration—-

They had managed to demonstrate JUST SUCH A THING
With their.. eyes-wide-opening yet AGAIN(..) It’s been – a feather in their cap, a tap into another realm (ENTIRELY) of cReAtiVe ExPloSion; p-o-s-i-n-g a most magnificently deciphering threat

To all sense of wanderLUST society: it IS swimming creatively with=IN their layabout veins. It’s EVEN BEEN bothering them
Not AT ALL, actually(.) The fACT is THIS, that they did it ALL

With a most personABLE and astonishing state of starry-minded mEaNdEriNgS and it DID SEEM to seek to f-e-e-l… …

BOTH FEROCIOUS and fullON FANtastic and at: the e-x-a-c-t SAME-time
“Yes. inDUSTrious WAS their whole-wide-worth, and it will NEVER aGAIN h-u-r-t but for

– the unshakable nature of these Peripheral Peoples, who appear to be endlessly wrong about their UPSIDE-downNOW OPINIONS.”

Seething to make Secondary Sense of themselves is what they’ve been EAGERLY attempting… and ever SINce The BEGinning —-

Tenuously, tentatively.. perhaps MAYBE EVEN eventually(?!?) Who cares Anymore… but for the ink instilled terrifically with=IN her THINKING pen again, which w-i-l-l stifle to a terrific STANDstill and… s-t-a-r-e

Inanimately albeit Equally FASTidioUSly..