They’ve grown into a shape of person named utter garbage actually and she’s mildly interested in making MemOriEs Of Herself count. It’s an amount of utter upside down and it’s a needed newer version of a thirst laden person. We’ve

Slipped to fLiP it all on its head. Dead and buried, “HECK NAAAAW!!” She’s squaring it all off and ludicrously inside of a mildly ol aBstrAct mInd. They liken themselves to ninety nine other mind numbing people of jaded tendencies.

We have a thing anyway… for aforesaid abstract awareness, that far reach of feeling for having been
Doped UP on highly suggestive heroin. What occurs “NEXT!!!” when they change their boggled minds and sit and find –

”it all to’ve been the greatest game of good GaWWD enthusiasm? But if we told them our ONE plan they ran… past the point of past tense hindsight AND !MMED!ATE delirium.” Where were we When they hid inside of hugely BIG 5 star hotels and smoked upside down DOpE(??)

She carries a constant necessity — “to cope.” And call it all creative insight