we weren’t achieving these silly-big-things of ourselves for nothing, indeed, it’s a common-cornucopia of created storyboards actually and we

“Have infinite~Belief in being: beyond breathtaking and beautifully produced.” And when we tended to talk we did~NOT~mean to make these peripheral-people feel

All sorts of:: OTT-anxious. It’s.. been… waiting… on the crest of a wing, NOT wAvE, “and they all have their very~1st interpretation of —->> undeniable tangible aNgSt. It’s been hectic and happening.. amidst this COURAGEOUSstage of starry~minded bLiS$ push to SHOVE.. pish/POSH, how’s about

“You tend to your VERY~own S-T-R-E-N-G-T-H in numbers please(?)”