A 95 – C
The one for me
Saw it one day when this fella was parking his car
Did his shopping in SPAR
Walked on back
Put his hand in his pocket
Only to realise
He had misplaced the key

Something about it
Nothing really…
But that’s what works
After all
I wasn’t looking for any fancy four wheeler
A Merc
It’s the simple things
And this was oh so simple
I’d to get rid of the guy with the face full of pimples

Doing his damndest to get back inside
You see
If it were me I’d make sure to hold onto my key
Treat the clapped out banana-shaped banger with pride
He managed to retrace his steps
Get back inside

He tried to close the window as it was looking like snow
But it fell on the floor
An equally perplexed and frustrated look all at once
This joker
However hard it may turn out to be to work this car
He seemed nothing but dunce

I’d knife the wheel
Make his problems soar
Where suddenly it will be the least of his problems
The window falling from the passenger side door
Getting rid of the car will be
You see
That, my friends, is where I come along
With some money, my wondering about the wonky wheel
And a hidden face full of glee

Cheeky I know
I never proclaimed to be a saint
Nor am I a sinner
It’s nothing but a white lie
I think I’ll go about my plan when we’re done with the snow