We watched his every single move – no real groove, just… Just. As. He. Was.
A fiercely handsome man, albeit so very unaware as to the certain unflawed nature of it all
That the outright need to prepare himself every other morning really was rather alarming
To. The. Absolute. Hilt. Of. This. Precariously. Quixotic. Being.
Everything just needing to be oh so very juxtaposed perfect
Supposedly so this the most natural thing in the whole infinite world if only to him
Usurp it all if needs be
Teetering, reeling, downright brinking it out – fair unnaturally truth told
A mind unequivocally prepared once more to send itself altogether all kinds of blind
Exploding within ones self entirely
When a master-mind gets to find no real way out of an entirely both heaven and hell-sent turmoil
He sees what he sees, whilst the rest of us can only ever attempt to try and press a loving wicker-ear against this besieged and longingly lonesome chest
Faster than any of us can even begin to begin to imagine
Friends and family forced to toil quiet and literally behind his every back – quivering to a point of pure animosity
Curiosity surely did try and snatch this cat to the core all of the way over
No mathematics will cease these snapped synapses back together again
These particularly peculiar heaving, breathing of their own shoulders left never so very frighteningly cold in all of their young life
These simple mathematical equations a striking sensation if only ever up inside
We had to wait ’til a Nobel Prize finally stood him out from the rest

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