The title is what it says
A beer & a bird
A rather absurd title but there you have it
What goes on in my mind
Writing these pieces of poetry while trying to make it big time
Just how many people really read poetry
I don’t know
It’s like any other writer out there tells me
Keep on keeping on
Go with the flow
It’ll happen when you least expect it, when you’re down on your luck
Penning a poem when you least of all give a f**k
So I want to enjoy a beer & a bird on the side
Let the rest of my worries slide
Cheers to her, my voice may be in a slur owed to the ridiculous amount of smokes
Tokes even
If that does happen it’ll be down to a drug dealer named Steven
We’ll have the craic ’til the sun comes up
Return to our beds where we’ll inevitably ….
You know what I’m on talking of
So give me a shout
Let me know what presses your buttons
What you’re all about
‘Cos life is a game & there’s no-one left to blame but yourself
If you get left on that dusty, ignored to the last shelf
This poem is trying to cover a few aspects
That in truth is because my perspective is all over the place
‘Cos I’ve downed a few
Gotten off my face
Not too many but enough to say what I like
To ignore the stuff that usually makes me think “YOU CAN’T WRITE THIS!”
Everyone wants to be happy, not only happy but God damn delirious
I’m serious
Things can get boring
You might look busy but your brain is left snoring
The perfect girl, perfect job, perfect world
Or how about turning everything on its head & enjoying the ‘bad’ times
Turning those into sublime
Alcoholics don’t know what they are doing ‘cos the drink stopped them from thinking
Then again, without the drinking perhaps that thinking was vile
Did nothing but send there happiness miles
So if you’re alone & you’re looking for something to do
Remember this
There’s always someone far worse off than you
& if that doesn’t help, go a little outside the box, do something different
Look on life with rose-tinted glasses like I am right now
Do that, my friend, & on you shall plough