1Cold water tastes rather solid and stoic sometimes, don’tcha simply ill-ly think it too – or are we all about to lose our once-upon-a-time juvenile minds. .. …
2Sick on rice cakes and upside-down ventriloquism yet again… this epic thing that has to have been mean=ing to meaningfully amount
While we carefully cater for, continue at carelessly cradling. our nearest and deathly dearest at cutthroat hand
3Pandemonium on the second 3rd floor
And it has to have been sweetly suggested that we are all about to catch frequently colossal flame so it seems to be. .. …
4Tame by many another zoned-out, creative person’s recklessly inept reckoning, except… only ever of course… .. .
5For these individually succinct, crying-shamed people, who will endlessly strengthen our tethering nerve-strings… sing it immediately right back together again
As if problematically perched to riotously remain
6Forever other-worldly reinvigorating
So soon as when…. .
An eternal sting-in-the-tale rings exceptionally chaotic change, and we eventually get to come comfortably back together as though
Owing to the wholewideworld on out where!? Everymotherfuckingwhere…
7And then without any real use anymore for these radioactive wings Of Ours
Appears to be, appears to We, that the line painted upon her belly paints a yellow brick story all of its own

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