Clown ‘n out – blank-ribboned imbecile with high heels on upon
A plagiarised storyteller’s whiskey-coated dream : all of it seriously in(sin)uational

Bolstered by his crazy, lethargically enhanced, beatnik-driven ego, seems to appear to me that these shovel hands of hanky-free his have nothing extra special to say
Yet still
He shall, and will

With fecksome fierce clout amount
When down ‘n out bottom of the barrel penniless and religiously overbearing people become the only few lonely who force themselves to listen

This insipid, insightful, *god awful introspective shit all of it midst a pill-popping liquified atop heavily (heavenly!!!) situational thing
Of necessary evil – and the local town preacher suddenly declares ‘himself’ to be — a living, seething, imbalanced deity of imperfect perfection

Like we asked ‘her’ to be?

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