They waited and watched as she took her tenderness of time to bring these bogus and borrowed moments to ANY kind of eventual instance of undeniable merit and magnanimous understanding/standstill – Awhile causing her (-)/lukewarm eyes to simultaneously mesmerize AND smile, and to the (unmistakably) unpardonable point –

Of complete and utter original/(-) composure! She may well be (recalled and) rather markedly/(-) remembered come ten cobwebbed centuries in/nearer the future

for her pretty-faced portrayal of layered/antagonized/ expressionism

(And) ALL via THAT of an a-d-v-a-n-t-a-g-e-o-u-s artist

Of OFT cantankerous resolve. However, what that does NOT necessarily mean will be THIS (thing exactly): That she is anything else to him beyond/other than a 10-hour sitting, SeEtHiNg, lividly breathing “masterpiece”.

So-be-it in-so-far as she is his piece and he(by his own reputation of single-minded reckoning) her MaNicMiNdEd mAsTeR… of unapproachable procrastination.

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