What if I were to write a book
A book that has everything anyone was ever looking for
The sort of book that makes musicians smile
They tapping their feet to the constant beat
The sort of book with paragraphs that make even the most hardened literary hacks feel the need to tick all of the right boxes
Heck, the sort of book that can make your less than enthused reader feel the utter need to appreciate the simplistic flow of it all
A book, a novel, whichever really that has you searching high and low
To purchase the thing so that you get to go about calling it your very own
You getting to read, to listen, to hum and sing along
But, of course, to read first and foremost
‘Til left entirely blue in the face
Blue only in the best way possible
A multi-coloured, multi-faceted book, novel, whichever really
That opens up each and every last avenue of your imagination
Allowing for people to take all of it in with the same feel, the same theatrical feel of a movie