Old lady Bailey breathes eerily within – all of this rancidly awry lonesomeness relatively cradled by far-fetched and burgeoning loneliness of petrified hers

Recalls a lost husband’s one-millionth kiss, the final finality, agonised fatality – his stressed and twisted whispering lips midst the uncomfortable workings of an over-addled hospital bed

Dry by the bone albeit forever equipped
To linger right by her perfumed nose so penetratingly close – one person holds another oh so bespoke and authentic

These erstwhile moments of theirs can mean everything preciously meant, gifted in gold

Heaven-sent and enveloped back to earth unpardonably so

And uncomfortable shivers insufferably inside of the hostile homestead, wherein she will fail at making the heat work wonders anymore

While these circulating index fingers quiver of hers – seems she’s been losing her ailing sight at frightful pace and these bountiful books – binded in memorable time – are sinning for themselves, beginning to make less than less sense of themselves all over again…

And for the first time ever
Tea-for-two a foregone conclusion, truly
An unused pair of worn-away wicker chairs – with grandchild’s scribbled ink blotched and scatter-scratched haphazardly upon/across – sit gazed and confused by the enviable other

And all of the endless waiting in her unknowing world for her to cater both sickeningly to and for

And the naked fruit scone poses a most singular threat to the mundanely set system
No longer a treat to feast her hungry, now suddenly so hangry and altered mind frustratingly upon – but rather her taste ran away both with and from itself

Delved to someplace far more distantly past and spectacular – to where she really has to begin to beg herself to let bygones simply let themselves be

Borrowed bygones all over again – seems to be old lady Bailey is ready

To send herself skywards on a wing and a prayer
With an extra scribbled chair held captivated and awaiting its favourite sitter and by her forever side

No longer paralysed but set to be his guardian angel again

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