You can look so good way on up in the air
Yet when you fall we all start to fall
Seems you’ve been toiling with our every immaculate existence
Quenching our elementary thirst outright
Frighteningly besieged
Tweaking each and every life right from us
Clawed, jaws perilously pushed wide-shut
Putty in your rather instrumental hands
Drying right out these quicksands of time
Ain’t no chime no more, the pour never appearing to be so very distant in all of its life
Please permit us something or other
An opportunity to smother then savour seriously beginning to waver
The flavour has managed to turn itself incredibly sour – remarkably dour by all of these miserable accounts
These buds will need to lend themselves once more to transforming into just the one much sought after flower
For, safe to say, therein lies the real power

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