They have been sending themselves over-back-to-front and Causing an audited auditorium to suddenly begin


LOSE its impatience!?


These seated-DOWN people appear fairly EAGLE-eyed and -eared for now, albeit, initially BORED off their mother-effing BoNkErS bRaiNs!!

And strenuously a-t-t-e-n-d-i-n-g to accentuatiing

Their EVERY-singular-SeNsE of SOPHISTICATED (MIS)representation, to credibly CAUSE(!!) their adaptABLE imaginations to ((aforementioned)) Patiently S-O-A-R-

to that properly IMPROPER plACE—

Of ace-felt feelings alongside these AFFABLE and rather UnIqUe UnDeRsTaNdInGs!!

We’ve watched them watch us WATCH these balletic individuals




E- right-IN!! Under innumerable audacious circumstances, “and that stance is SOOOOO fucking HARD to hold -b-o-l-d-l-y- back together again!!”

As they will attempt to express their greatest form of forever gentle-MOST PERFECT portrayal- it is CANdid but ALSO “a goddamn LIVID SeEtHiNg Challenge!” So says she.

As an angry individual and dueling shoring of agitated and DECIDEDLY left-themselves-to-be-presumptuously peripheral Artists TRY,

And d-i-v-e and delicately divulge this singular SeNsE of enthusiasm

And ALL via their layabout Paintbrushes.

Begging to be beautifully R-U-S-H-E-D against the cold hard surFACE. As such, wishing to FINALLY FIND:

A diamond IN-THE-ROUGH. Yet, it has been deceptively difficult (for them) to get this goddamn damndownright cultish thing correct again!

As they take a deep damn bare naked breath -AGAIN- and tenuously THREATEN.. to tackle and

to tie

The weight of one particular girl’s balletic world — To the shape, SHaDe and s-p-e-c-i-f-i-e-d SKETCH

Of their WANTaway CANvas ((that can!!))

Sending themselves MeNtAl to ApPEar transcendental

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