They did not do it for the sake of being sizeably benevolent indeed, their minds were taken aback and left FRESHLY besotted with its own sense of WaYWaRd Intelligence; gents AND Lady-men, can we, “Ahem, PLEASE pause… for a moneyless moment, perhaps, and let our Minds fireAboutThePlace as-if ——))”

Breathing of their own SimultaneousAccord(!) “We were diving-IMMEDIATELY-right-in when TheySuddenlySuccumbedToVeryNearlyEveryTHING.”

Thinking+about+it free+and+DEEPLY and of our ownHomespunAccord, we’ve REALLY been existentially hardwired darkly, so they wish to say, to makeSecondarySenseOfOurSELVES(!!)

We did this, we DID this… … “WE. DID. T-H-I-S thinly-veiledThing… with our minds set against theInfamousFlame: of upside-down and frightfulDesire.” And, Yet.. WE might just (cry for a) smile