Heady decisions indeed
Something he had never, ever reckoned upon coming on into his life
Least of all at this stage
To be with her or not to be
Remain this way and that flame which usually burns oh so bright inside takes itself right from the centre
And only then does he enter into true-love albeit utter animosity when it comes to his every word
Rather absurd but, nonetheless, he has most certainly heard of this occurring before
Namely Adele
Keep her at lengths breadth, however, and the more he writes the more and more people seem to treasure his every single line
One heart-breaking moment at a lust-filled time… to think this one through
Choose between the all too heady subject as to what might be right, what might turn out oh so very wrong
Adamant entirely upon remaining forever on song
Of course he was
‘Til everything finally starts to align itself rather perfectly
An entirely different kind of thirst
He lends her the cold shoulder, instead turning to the page
Then, and only then, does he get to sit back, take flabbergasting stock
About to break into flame all over again
Seems by the end he orchestrated all of this

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