When we guessed ourselves to’ve been – “pretty little punchdrunk antisocial animals and the world watched antsy AS HELLA HecTiC anyway.” There were parts of the wHOLE glorious story which held its own pulsating breath, other parts, Too, which played their own kinds of closer-than-factual-actually art.

When they enter in and profusely reFUSE to l!ght THAT death-defying TIME AGAIN fuse(..) this is exactly when(? ?) it all will go bellyUP

And readily repaired, actually, to recall it all: “she wasn’t nearly as fed-UP as these other people S!TT!NGprettyW!thThe!rW!TS in the trenches of their very own ILL-mannered choosing(s).” Bruised and battered with a fist filled with

Second to ONE, actually, ramshackle-and-shared across a high-wired brain misunderstandings(…) “when she thought of the layabout, helterSkElTeR kids this is precisely both preciously when it all

Came Credibly A Cropper.” We won’t wanna spend our stay—————>away AND STAY+PUT Lives making crime a mostly magnificently shared AffAiR

Between headstrong, resilient people. Altho~ we may just need to know: “how the fuck to bury a thing Oh So Very, ahem, against being buried IN THE 1ST placeIMPROPERLY that it cannot even begin

To stop itself from w!nn!ng(!!)” Is that really(??) settling itself down AND THREATENING to be called ————>>>
tW!sTeDUP resilience with a Capital: “WE NEED TO GO FROM EAR-TO-EAR C-L-E-A-R with this whole emotionally IllOgiCaL and MindWaRpinG thing.”

Even if we WERE always anyway singing from a separate hymn sheet called dedicated delirium