Both fired and fried alive by this wanderlust life – of uttermost upheaval aside gracious guarantee-al of extraordinary intricacy, he bleats these words at a mile a manoeuvrable minute, only they do not appear to see and fiercely feel it for one first alarming time oh, my… has he really been electrically elusive as well as desirably juxtasupposed to a point of pure and utter delight?
My eyes -they simply had to have shyly seen something which we cannot ever wholly begin to bestially beget only up until, this thing – this breathing, heart.. beating and inescapably encapsulating endeavour of sweetly promiscuous hers tended to lean in toward and to stereo-physically treasure
Herself til the overinvested endingSeems.. that she has been unbelievably








– neverending regards her hard-hearted beauty – truthfully, she IS brilliant without ever even feeling it, let alone seeing it
Is she really swimming in the better pieces of – He?

(Some. Might. Write – One Day So Soon As Posthumous Fame Became Suggestively None Too Painful Anymore – The Open-Wide-Shutting Nature Of These Stranger Than Fiction Sliding-Doors)

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