We will wait for an eternity if needs be, hold onto all of these things for our dear lives – delve a little deeper, on a surefire whim, albeit subtly permit ourselves all kinds of everything
Sing for our utmost deserved supper, this truly has turned out to be something of a never-ending event
Tremendously, rather unnaturally painstaking by all accounts
On an upper, rather precariously set level
Eagle-eyed, devotedly trained to win outright – an utter promise to irreversibly hone on in
Slightly fretting, nonetheless managing to peg it back together mid immaculately downtrodden sweat
These dregs are otherworldly and I do think that we know just what to do
When one flew over the cuckoos nest yet we adamantly prepared ourselves entirely
Held our trembling, forlorn time again cards against our beating, haywire to the last chests – rest awhile ’til that gregarious smile gets to sumptuously find itself
Did I neglect to ever mention that I was sent here in the very first place to quench all of these clandestine things a million ways over
So as to cause an absolute blast of a most telling kind to the shock-absorbed system
Good to see you back again…
And guess what, I’m still relatively sober – a chokehold of an incredibly, earth-shatteringly deceptive kind if you must know

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