A constant cacophony of unerring make-believe – the bold embittered comatose cold shoulder given over

To a piece of pure under-the-skin art

Attract the abstract parts of the purest brain known to portray

A pretty picture of poised playful pretending

Drops all of her sacrilege sins devotedly within the silhouette shape of the swimming red paint

Only for the singing shrinking alabaster shadows to have been delightfully masterful and about to stand out when developmentally analysed to within a vivid inch of its brand new life

Strikes – hungrily – whilst the paint-brush still spatters and swipes till pressed searingly against…

The heated wailing nature of her tear-strewn face – oh but how the surface does be suddenly bubbling architecturally beneath

Looks again to find her wrapped in swollen rhododendron feet and back to the forbidden beginning again

She goes… soulfully attired in try-hard uniformal androgynous clothes

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