Absence needn’t have mattered Except that it did and will and Wanted to— antagonise deliciously BOTH DELIGHTFULLY

These inebriated people of purely.. nonsensically established and upSide DownNOW bliss. They are dragging their past tense beautiful bodies to that BARENAKED point (again)

Of irreparable Pain, actually. We see them but, UNDERSTANDABLY.. we DO NOT WANT: to be near them ANYMORE than they may do We, for their u-t-t-e-r-l-y foul mouthed and wrought iron reasonings- set. to. SEED

Perhaps they HAVE been liquified and beyond any ONE other person’s state of (DIS)taste –

Left to sit and selfbLESS their.. mere-EAGER faces- When set to p-l-a-y their shapeshifting cards AND plACE(!?) down

The incorrect hand – LANDED: s-o-f-t-l-y atop a bottle of fine and EQUALLY DANGEROUS(!) InEbriaTioN ((again))