“Trouble sees the evening time and calls its barb-wired, bare-bones nature semi-automatically inexpressive for its strugglesome worth – both aforementioned gesticulation and the nemesis that is the fondness for the other. And begs for it to be forever multi-purposed with the weight-both-waiting nature … of their favourite best (creative) brain”
The absolute tedium of the evening-time in Ireland, and many other countries for that matter, I’m fairly sure. Except for Spain, Spain just seems as though it has FAAAR too much happening to ever let yourself get too bored. Basically, a ‘creative type’ (which is a term that I find myself forced into using so bloody annoyingly) seeks to create beyond all of the aforementioned onslaught of a tedium existence. I.e. ‘Fair City’ on the telly – a family of tired heads forever staring at an average show which goes no further than to bolster their dullard evening time into the annals of their lives.