Like he said: “an obsession with drawing his (next) best breath and angling officially toward focus- a must, a just HAVE to OVERindulgence…

His every painstakingly concentrated senses TIL dragged back upon this ARCHED nemesis.

A bloodlust, a thirst: of UTTER and UNQUANTIFIABLE, inescapable, INSATIABLE come home to… TRUTH!!
She’s been r-o-o-t-i-n-g for him. Til the end of the next hellish bell.. calls “time!”

Fixated on Fuller Focus: dAfTlY derivative and derogatory and and AND…

Encyclopaedically s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c/ he is an arguable and highly argumentative man of highly dumbfounding irregularity. Sometimes

Awhile, a softly And smothered smile: And he-IS-he: When SUDDENLY suited (And booted) toward shapely (dis)comfort, CoNtRaRiNeSs and other rare and RATHER audacious and prestigious(ly) (-) things. To wear this SHEEPSKIN/(-) til pressed-to-within-an-inch of his angular being IS

To stand and DeLiVEr(AGAIN!) all of the$e STINGING home traits.

Via this fighting fit leather device (ANGRILY) attached and STRAPPED to his fisted hands

He is a boxer; he is a fighter. A gladly RaGgEd Everyman. But, above all else, what is he but for… “My Man”.

And manners may maketh the man albeit,

He simultaneously appears to HAVE(past tense and remaining… intensely impressive) been: a dragon breath with twisted fists and a flurry of inhuman worry, which (-) SwImS within his might of mind . How’s about ostracised. Some times.

Manic, once prepped to within an inch and ‘IT’ step$…(Neatly both nervously) BACK (neatly) inside

—- of these electrified ropes of heart-and-hope