Your age-old moustache a turned upside-down frown all of its own
Contrary to say the least
These delve-deep shark-eyes managing to courageously amount to seemingly something or other – when the whole wide world literally opened itself up to your rather surreal extent
Hellbent upon tying a multi-coloured ribbon right round you, however tempestuous it may well get to be by the burgeoning outcome
These sticky-out ears are fairly big so you know, elephant-esque if you will
Your forever twigs in a manner of suggestively speaking, sent to branch themselves right out ’til sensationally quenching a thousand-and-one such stories – petrifying and ripe
You never did leaf anything alone
All typed by now into meticulous, retold time again folklore
Still as clock-work when needs be
Melting into your altogether gloriously sent heaven
You breathe an entirely separate kind of surefire light
Far safer to imagine it all in typified black and white, over a whimsical cigar might be quite nice
Salvador Dali gaining the outright recognition, gaining crazily acknowledged repositioning
Enough witty ammunition plied within your dancing arm to stretch your place in flavoursome, all too magnificent, utterly imaginative history

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