So I took myself on up
To Dublin for the day
I know
Easy for most of you
But when it comes to me I knew what my parents were thinking
I’d not been in over a year
To the place where I’d spent ten long ones
Don’t get me wrong
Beautiful buildings, party-hard pubs
But thinking about it some more
I’d been living in fear
Said I’d stop for a coffee, a fag
At a well known cafe
Where I was going to watch the day soak itself away
& that’s what I did
The weather was good
But I was better
I visited ‘The Bleeding Horse’
Where I got going on making my palette wetter
Didn’t think too many steps ahead
Enjoyed a Corona & lime
Before taking a walk down Camden Street
‘Til I’d blisters on both my feet
Eventually I went to dine
At Yamamori
My friend calls it YUM-amori
But that’s a different story
One for another day perhaps
After that I decided to stay
On a little longer
Rang my mother, told her
She couldn’t have been more pleased
Knew from the start when I said one day
That she was being teased
Now I could feel it in her voice
The utter ease
Should I pick up a new pair of shoes
‘Cos from the ones I was wearing
The stench did ooze
Just ask Ailbhe
Opted against it
Dunnes had nothing but loafers, slippers
Moved onto the next store to choose
No luck
So I headed on over to my brother’s office
For his key
Couldn’t find the place even with a map in my hand
But that’s simply me
We had a sandwich in the park
Followed by a cheeky spark
Me, not him
Soon he’d to leave me alone
Seeing as he was working himself to the bone
So that night
I had another Corona with Ann-Marie
The brother’s girlfriend
A mighty kind girl
Who always manages to fill me with glee
Always a story or two to tell
Watched a good film with my favourite actor
The lads didn’t like it too much
Maybe I’m biased though
‘Cos for me Colin Farrell’s got the Midas Touch
So that was my first day in Dublin
In a long time
& in all honesty it wasn’t easy
But I needed to shake things up
So as to go about feeling more relaxed in the long run
Make my life far more breezy
Touching on sublime even
If I stay tomorrow night
It’ll be a bottle of white wine
Costly or dear, I don’t care
So long as I get to take a load of
Let down my hair
Watch the dreaded fright slip away