Eating poe-pie with the apple of my eye
Happy out although luckless, really
It’s all oh so goddamn relative, steely hearts aside delicious apple tart
Cream to set the scene
A tag-team who can indeed go the distance
Per chance, did you ever get to see us in our prime?
Lemon ‘n’ lime, no sign of beer whatsoever, we just didn’t need the fear to crawl back upon us
All over us again
I ply my art with all of her – wholeheartedly
She the boots to my curious suit
Even when she eats the feat going on inside and around her lips is utterly unmatchable
Hatched, just how much she managed to please me
Nope, not at all in THAT way…
Far more sensuous, a little more serious
Not just her face either although of course it did help
Goddamnit, even when she felt a pinch, my God that pearl-soaked YELP
All relative, really
Peeled? She absolutely shredded me, taken away on something of a lifelong trip
Together we did seem to appear to be equipped rather fastidiously
Peculiar then how easily you stole her away…
One single sun-soaked day when you walked on in, rimming us entirely
‘Til making your charming next move – fair’s fair, you do have a rare and tempestuous groove about you
Handsome to boot
So now it seems to me you’re both booted up, good to go
Usurped me, you bastard!