Yes. Their brazen sense of selfless REdevelopment has to have caused some state of universally uninterruptible bliss; they’ve been kissed by something maybe even—-

Ahem, otherWORLDLY(!?) perhaps. No such disgrace in taking their time of place and resting their— gentle faces for portrayalSoftlyAgainst

The wideAWAKE world’s next strength of stealth=worthy vision; we’ve EVEN watched our minds and eyes tWiSt Inescapably

Out of place, and it feels as if— nobody else thinks in that same manner of upside down now comfort. She built a trustworthy fort and All By Her OWN, actually(..) The facts ARE just as i-m-p-r-e-s-s-i-v-e as

Her fictitious sense of imagination, she needs not to have be kNOwn as any such legend

But.. rather this.. delicately put together aforeMENTIONED comfortably abrUPt interrUPtion of a MOST…

Undeniably kindly.. KinD. Was her favourite BEST demeanour and it didn’t EVEN MEAN To Act—

Of its own personal accord. Not. A. Word.