You took me right away from myself, a tendency to say all of the things that I failed to see – your beauty is unstoppable
Preposterously unshakeable
When we all too gladly tie a pretty bespoke ribbon right round the soaring underbelly ’til soaked to the glorious bone – the perfect multi-coloured clone, prone to dividing my everything and placing it back together one meticulous word per time, the conversation is blinding
The kind of woman I always failed to let myself dream of, you pushed and you shoved in a most silent and subtle manner, fashioned out of undeniable passion
Take my hand and stretch my imagination, plaster my ripped and torn homegrown intricacies to the bottom of your high-heeled everything – where they fail to ever get to breathe again
Left to die while you allow yourself to be the apple of my brand new eye – know you’ve quenched a thousand-and-one such thirsts before but this is it, the final filler

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