Overweigh, overpaid, over everything
When these wayward decisions make no kind of sense whatsoever
A beer or ten to silence the terrifically dreaded demons every other lonesome p.m.
Swarming on acid, nobody’s antacid
For you just cannot replicate a smile of old
A bold boy and you know so much, trust one thing which fell away with your pants, right by the tempestuous wayside
Seems to have been every girl’s somebody yet no-one’s everybody
Sullied and long forgotten, a dire soul laid right out upon the distasteful face of our one society
Take an outrageously contradictory bow, why won’t you?
Bashful now albeit far too late
You chose your fate so soon as you made my daughter your stench-ridden food for thought
A thousand-and-one corrupt decisions and, as a result, I really ought to kill you

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