If you wait too long it really will befall you – all of these problematic things
Sitting beneath the swan dive Waldorf bridge soaking up a can of forlorn gold
When, really, you always did rather silently tell yourself that you would get to delve a little further deeper
A hollowed out and utterly forgotten creep, unable to spark any other flavour alight
Aside from the absolute aforementioned which has seemingly opted upon entirely setting itself up with time to forever floor you and in far more ways than one
I know that this is just not what your very own conscience had in store
But we do adore the real need for complete animosity on certain people’s part – all of your once oh so savoury ‘art’ lost within this precious, oh so addictive and downright delicious can
There are the real winners, then there is you, kind sir – the rather incredible case altogether of the pock-marked also-ran

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